At Flatbed Connections, we understand that our drivers are the most important part of our business. For that reason, we always and without exception treat our drivers with the respect that status deserves. When you need us, we answer the phone. When you run into challenges, we listen and we work with you to solve each problem.

Moreover, we commit ourselves to providing profitable freight and efficient management. Like all old-school trucking organizations, we are disciplined about sending our truckers into areas with a plan to load you back with good freight.

While our work pays well, it is important to understand that some of it is challenging and only intended for the most professional drivers. Click the "View Open Positions" button to see the details of our currently open positions.

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  • Owner Operators Preferred
  • 25 Years Old
  • 2 Years Flatbed Experience
  • 1 Year Steel Experience
  • Only 1 Major Accident Allowed in 3 Years
  • Only 3 Moving Violations Allowed in 3 Years
  • Felonies Must be over 10 Years Old
  • No DUIs/OUIs Commercial or Private