Donna Welchel

In 1983, Donna Welchel started her career in the trucking Industry with Lumber Transport. At that time, trucking was not yet Industry friendly to women but she quickly overcame that challenge rising from a rate clerk to a dispatcher then a terminal manager.

Donna founded Flatbed Connections in 1987 as a full agency for Great American Lines. Flatbed Connections quickly became known as one of the most successful woman-owned agencies in trucking and has since grown to be considered one of the most consistently successful operations Industry-wide.

One reason for our quick growth is attributed to a strong competency with transportation technology. Even before the Industry had fully recognized the importance of technology, Donna personally designed and programmed a dispatch system to manage her business. That system and Donna's thought leadership provided great influence in the architecture of a commercial system that many still consider the most user-friendly transportation system ever built.

In the early 2000s, the demand for Flatbed Connection's level of service had grown to where it could no longer be served by one trucking partner. We then carefully chose a group of trucking partners with complementary strengths to offer a comprehensive coverage of flatbed services. Click Partners to learn more about these companies.

Holly Johnston
Administrative Assistant

Holly started in trucking when she was 15 years old working part-time at her grandparents company doing filing and log maintenance. She later focused on dispatching, driver payroll and other trucking-related accounting duties. In 2005, Holly started with Flatbed Connections as a dispatcher. Her duties now include accounts payable, human resources, and various other administrative tasks while still serving as the primary freight coordinator for the S.GA / FL area.

Haley Hopkins
Logistics Coordinator

Haley started with Flatbed Connections as an assistant dispatcher reporting to Donna, shortly after she graduated from the University of Georgia in 2010. Haley is now the Logistics Coordinator for the Carolinas and East Coast. She also helps daily in the Atlanta area to make sure everything is complete. She’s responsible for all FBC research and market analysis for the trucking industry and is our primary driver recruiter.

Debbie Reddish
Brokerage Manager

Debbie comes from a long line of truck drivers. Her grandfather drove for Roadway in the late 50's and 60's, and her father started in a truck later moving on to become driving instructor and safety director. In 1984, she followed her family into the business routing and dispatching trucks for a frozen food company. Debbie is currently Flatbed Connections lead broker as well as one of the most productive employees in Flatbed Connections history.

Korisha Curtis
Logistics Coordinator

Korisha started with the company in June of 2014. She currently handles outbound freight from South Georgia and Florida. Korisha likes to stay busy and hasn’t met a challenge yet that she couldn’t handle. She does an excellent job keeping our drivers loaded.

Samaria Curtis

Samaria has been with the company since December of 2014. Although she is new to the trucking business, she is learning fast. She works hand in hand with Debbie. Her primary area at this time is AL, MS, TN and the Midwest. Samaria has proven herself to be invaluable and has a very bright future with the company.

Nicole Bryant
Atlanta Logistics Specialist

Nicole started in March of 2015. She has many years of experience in manufacturing and distribution. She works side by side with Donna in the Atlanta area. She brings a different perspective to our dispatch agency. Her customer service skills are very impressive and help keep things running smooth on a daily basis.