Flatbed Connections remains one of the largest trucking providers concentrating solely on flatbed freight. We provide service primarily between the Southeast, Midwest, and Northeast, with a strong concentration handling time-sensitive steel shipments. Our growth and success over the past twenty-five years is primarily attributed to the following factors.

  A Long History

Not only does Flatbed Connections maintain a long twenty-five year history; our people maintain a long history with us. Our average tenure for staff is 10 years. This long tenure has allowed us to develop a wealth of knowledge and experience to the benefit of our clients and drivers. Click About to learn more.

  Solid Alliances

One of our most important core values is that we "do what we say we are going to do," allowing us to grow a reputation of competence, loyalty, and integrity. That reputation has provided the opportunity to form lasting relationships with trucking companies that share the same values. Click Partners to learn more.

  Excellent Drivers

Our greatest strength is fantastic, long-term drivers. Over our history, we have developed systems to select, train, and support our truckers in long, productive careers, resulting in an average driver tenure of 7 years. Click Trucking Jobs to learn more.